Hugh Stars at Gibson McCook 2018

Former Kingston College speedster Zharnel Hughes lifted his stocks in two stunning trips to the track at the 2018 Gibson-McCook Relays. Hughes dazzled the National Stadium audience with a fast win in the 100 metres. The tall British sprinter also helped the Racers Track Club to an impressive relay victory. Hughes made the day great for the KC faithful. Though the powerful Calabar High School team was absent, the boys from the host school stepped in and entertained fans with 5 worthy wins. Edwin Allen Comprehensive High School shared honours with Hydel High but in the class 3 4×100 metre relay, Edwin Allen produced the performance of the meet. Hughes returned to the straightaway where he won the 2014 Boys and Girls Championships 100 metres and produced an eye catching Meet record time of 10.01seconds. That left his Racers teammate Yohan Blake 0.04 behind. The signs of his form appeared in the men’s 4×100 where a super-fast backstretch leg put his team in the lead. Blake finished the job and the Racers stopped the clock in 38.36 seconds. His Gibson-McCook display hinted at good times ahead for the Anguilla native. Accordingly, he won the 100 metres at the European Championship later in the season. Serena Cole, Tina Clayton, Salecia Myles and Tina’s twin sister Tia, gave Edwin Allen fans something to walk and talk about in the class 3 4×100. Together, they took down a record Myles helped to set in 2017 from 44.91 to an all-time class 3 best of 44.76 seconds. By comparison, their class 1 teammates were triumphant in 44.81 seconds. Edwin Allen blasted its own 4×800 metre record to 8 minutes 46.40 seconds as well. Hughes must have been pleased to see KC win, win, win, win and win. His North Street successors got better as the distances grew and accumulated one win in the 4×100, 2 at 4×200 and one apiece in the 4×400 and the 4×800 metre relay. KC stood out in class 3, taking the 4×100 in 42.88 seconds and with a record run – 1 minute 31.39 seconds to take a 2009 St Georges College mark off the books. The Purples also won the class 4 4×200 relay. Tall Tarees Rhoden was the difference between KC and a hardworking St Jago unit in the 4×800. His work on the second leg – 1.51.1 – built enough of an advantage for KC to win in 7 minutes 34.45 seconds. St Jago and Jamaica College won two events each. St Jago took a class 2 4×100/4×200 double and JC won the class 1 and class 4 4×100 relays. Hydel took the class 2 4×100, the medley and the 4×400 to finish with three wins, just like Edwin Allen. There was a moment of magic in the men’s 4×400. Sprintec Track Club gave 2017 World Championships 400 metre finalist Demish Gaye a lead for the anchor but relay genius Javon Francis had other ideas. To win, he uncorked a 44.7 second final leg to win it for the Akan Track Club. Those looking for a day of Calabar-KC races were disappointed at the 2018 Gibson-McCook Relays. For those who looked more closely, there was much to enjoy. Zharnel Hughes and the stunning class 3 Edwin Allen 4×100 team made sure of that. Hubert Lawrence has made notes at the Gibson Relays for almost 3 decades

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