Clubs and Institutions in the spotlight at Gibson McCook Relays 2016

Article by: 
Raymond “KC” Graham
February 27, 2016
ACTION among high school teams have always taken centre stage at the annual Gibson Relays as this is the nal major Meet leading up to the National High School Championships and the major players usually use the occasion to sharpen up on their relay passes.
While high school teams will always be among the feature attraction at the Meet, come this time around, Clubs and Institutions will de nitely share the spotlight. This will be a big year for senior
athletes as it will be the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil and during an Olympic year all the top athletes at this level try to make a mark in bids to be at the big show.
What will even make this year’s staging more interesting is that during the o season there has been a lot of migration among the local clubs and unlike previous years when Racers Track Club and MVP used to dominate it will not be so this time around as the likes of Sprintec, GC Foster College, Cameron Blazers and Mico University College who have all bene tted from the migration of athletes are expected to make their marks. 
At the recent Milo Western Relays this was evident as the usual dominance of MVP and UTECH was cramped and they were upstaged by the Maurice Wilson coached, Sprintec and GC Foster College which won most of the events. 
With bragging right at stakes it should be reworks all day. With their pride dented in Montego Bay, the Paul and Stephen Francis coached teams will be aiming for revenge here. With the likes of World Championships medallists, Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce and Elaine Thompson in their line-up it will take something special to upstage them in the Women’s 4x 100 metres relay and they will be hoping to improve on their season best record run of 43.31 seconds done at the Milo Relays. However, Sprintec with the likes of Aneisha McLaughlin Whilby, Sherone Simpson and Jura Levy cannot be written o and an epic battle looms here.
After a close nish in the Men’s 4x 100 metres where MVP got the better of Sprintec by one hundredth of a second at Milo Western Relays with 38.89 to 38.90, another exciting clash is expected. However both teams could play second ddle to record holder Racers Track Club who are expected to have a line-up of the likes of Yohan Blake, Warren Weir Zharnel Hughes and newest recruit Michael O’Hara. Another world leading time is expected here.
The 4x 400 metres among both males and females is worth miles going to see as all teams will be fully loaded. Among the women Sprintec will showcase the likes of, McLaughlin Whilby, Anastasia Leroy and Ristananna Tracy. UTECH will have the likes of Janieve Russell and Shericka Jackson, sister team MVP will have Stephanie McPherson to lead them while Cameron Blazers will have, Christine Day and Kaliese Spencer. Mico University College with the likes of sisters Ti any and Samantha James, Genesee Leith and Dawnalee Loney cannot be taken for granted and surely sub 3:30 seconds is on the card here. e men pose an equally mouth-watering prospect as after turning back their rivals at the Milo Western Relays, Sprintec and GC Foster College will be under pressure to continue their dominance among as they will have to go much faster than their 3:07.17 and 3:07.35 if they are to maintain their dominance as the addition of Racers will add more re here as UTECH and MVP will be hoping for revenge after their performances at Milo Western Relays.
High Schools
After being the top teams among high schools last year where they won some six relay events, Edwin Allen High looks set for another dominant performance among the Girl’s once again. At Milo Western Relays they swept all of the 4x1 00 metres events except in Class 1 and should do likewise here with their outstanding Class 1V quartet looking to go sub 48 seconds once again.
After a sub 45 seconds in winning in Class 1 at Montego Bay, a rejuvenated Holmwood Technical quartet will be tested by a strong St. Jago team here which should include the likes of Nataliah Whyte and Shanice Reid and both teams are expected to provide an exciting contest here. The 4x 400 metres Open can go any way as five teams have realistic chance of winning here. After wins at Western Championships and Milo Relays, the Junelle Brom eld led St Elizabeth Technical team which clocked 3:40.67 to win at Milo will start as the favourite. However the likes of defending champion, Edwin Allen, Holmwood , St. Jago and Vere Technical have realistic chances here and this event is expected to go down to the wire.
All eyes will be on Calabar High 4x 100 metres CLASS 11 team as history is in the making here as we could see a sub 40 seconds here.
At the Camperdown Classics, Christopher Taylor clocked 10.44 seconds to win the Class 11 100 metres, while teammates Tyreke Wilson (10.52), Michael Stevens (10.56) and Dejour Russell 10.61) all ran fast times and with all expected to team up they look to put the record here out of reach here. The quartet looked quite easy in clocking 40.48 seconds in winning at the Camperdown Classics and should go much faster here.
Despite dominating the 4x 800 metres all season, including their record breaking performance of 7:41.44 at the Milo Western Relays, the Jauveaney James led St. Elizabeth Technical team could play second ddle to a very strong St. Jago team which could include the likes of Leon Clarke, Keenon Lawrence and Joel Jean Pierre and a sub 7:40 is seconds time is on the card here. The Open High School Boys 4x400 metres relay will end the Meet and what a way to do so as it will be three the hard way, as Calabar, Kingston College and St Jago are expected to set the place on Calabar led by Taylor will be dangerous while Kingston College with a fit, Akeem Bloom eld and Jhevaughn Mattherson could do something special while defending champion, St Jago despite losing Martin Manley cannot be taken lightly.